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Moving Heads L.E.D lighting will add that dazzle to your dance floor to get your guests up and dancing. These lights add different colors and special effects that move to the beat of the music all along the dance floor.

HD L.E.D monitors can be used for a number of different requirements. The most common use is to play a video or picture montage during the event. In addition you may opt for a candid photographer who will take pictures throughout the entire event with the pictures displayed on the monitors for your guests to view all evening. Depending on the venue, we can display 1 or 2 monitors for the best viewing angle for all your guests.

L.E.D Light Up Towers with Monitors
Light Up Towers with L.E.D Monitors
Large Screen & Two 42" Flat Monitors
Large Screen & Two 42" Flat Monitors
L.E.D Monitors

You want the WOW effect? Up-Lighting delivers the WOW. Your desire to a cost effective solution that can enhance and transform any event. Up-Lighting is a unique and fun way to make your event space a part of your event by personalizing the space with your choice of color. We proudly use wiresless Up-Lighting for all events.

Our elegant photo booths offer color pictures, black and white pictures, video messaging and touch screen. The booth can fit up to 10 people. At the end of the night, the host will receive a copy of all the pictures, videos and a slideshow. In addition you will receive a scrapbook with pictures and hand written notes from the guests. We also provide the best props including wigs, hats, glasses, necklaces, boas and much more.

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